Without a person like Commander Jacobs, I doubt the BELLE would have ever run. The last season of the AVALON, Betty Blake, against the advise of people who knew, scheduled the boat up the Missouri River. The Missouri is death to excursion boats; the river is dangerous and the towns are too far apart. While in the muddy waters of the Missouri, the boat bagged one of its boilers. She had to return to Cincinnati under a restricted COI. Rumor had it that this boiler trouble, and the financial disaster of the Missouri River trip, plus a lot of outstanding lawsuits from hitting the gate at Emsworth Lock contributed to Ernie Myers declaring bankruptcy.
The boat arrived in Louisville with the boiler still bagged. Commander Jacobs allowed a simple and cheap repair. Falls City Boiler simply heated the bagged area and pounded it back into shape. He could have made them x-ray the affected area and made a big deal out of it, but he didn't. Being a steamboat man he knew it was a safe repair.
Jacobs inspected the hull before issuing the COI. He noted quite a few repairs that were needed, but no "show stoppers". He got with the county and they agreed that, if the county promised to drydock the boat each year for the next several years, he would let the boat operate and he would only require repairs on the most immediate needs each year; thereby not costing the boat a catastrophric one time bill.
He did not scrimp on safety but at the same time he was reasonable.