There are those that question the "hogging" on the DQ, but if you go inside the main cabin deck, you can see the doors are built for a hmm, Higher "rake" of the floor than now exists. I hold that if it weren't for the flexibility of the wooden superstructure, she would have "split open" about 3/4 of the way back. I hope one of the "major rebuilds" that happens now includes correcting that-I understand that it wasn't corrected for fear of throwing the engines out of alignment. Maybe they can also improve the hull's fairing up to the wheel to improve handling?? Yep, big dollars, but they're going to have to spend big dollars anyway.
Fixing the "hogging" will not only make her look "right" again, but lift the wheel up so she won't carry over so much water (which will probably improve (reduce) steam demand too!).
But then, what do I know, living far from the rivers?