*Liquor sales/Group ticket profits*
Hi, Jim,
Great stuff RE: liquor sales on the BELLE then. Factors I hadn't considered. Interesting RE: when groups chartered they made money. This an old, old sales promo technique going way, way back in steamboat excursion business. Betty Blake cut her teeth with the AVALON here in Cincinnati employing that approach. I remember even our church getting a certain % back on tickets on the AVALON. And I do remember when the hard booze bar came into vogue on the BELLE. Today boat bar revenue really big and important. Sign of the times with present day by the drink liquor prices very profitable. It was clever business with a dash of shysterism as Alan Bates and Doc Hawley wrote/hinted in 'Moonlite at 8:30' book. Betty learned her trade well with the best of them. Her days as traveling 'drummer' for the boat up and down the rivers with classic tales she loved to tell. I well remember the time she headed out early in still cold weather to lay the groundwork in towns and cities for charters, passing out brochures, posters. making deals. She was unloading boxes of AVALON materials from the trunk of her car when her feet slipped on the ice and down she went breaking a couple ribs on the back fender. And there will never be another Betty Blake.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.