Dale...there was no hard liquor or beer sold on the BELLE in those early days. There was quite a debate over whether or not to sell liquor. The prevailing view was the BELLE was to be a family oriented entertainment, so for years they didn't fall for the quick profit liquor promised. As the board of directors changed, that philosophy changed, now they have full bar service. I have no idea what kind of money the bar brings in, but I do know it has cost the boat many charters. As I stated above many clubs used a BELLE charter as a way to make money. That included the clubs themselves selling alcohol during their charters, the boat sold set-ups...at inflated prices...from the concession stand. Once the BELLE no longer allowed charterers to sell booze, many quit renting the boat because they could no longer use a BELLE trip to make money or pay the expense of chartering the boat.
My own opinion, I'd take the bar out. The public day trips are still pretty much a family affair and I don't think booze should be involved.