Alan's wife Rita was Alan's equal, she kept him balanced but at the same time she let Alan be Alan. They were married while Alan was in the Army stationed in California teaching calculus to artillary recruits. Rita's brother, Charlie Ashbacher, was our assistant sea scout leader. Even Charlie admitted that he was hardly a good role model for a bunch of teenage boys; if you look up "good time guy" in the dictionary you will see Charlies picture.
George McBride told this story at Alan's memorial; before the war George and Alan were in a dance band together. Alan was in Speed engineering school at the time. The draft board was breathing down the necks of all of the band members. An Army recruiter told them that if the band would all join up together he would see to it that they would stay together as a band and would not be deployed overseas. Alan and George didn't trust his promise (I'm from the govt and I'm here to help you) and waited to be drafted. Alan ended up in California teaching math and George ended up as a second engineer on a liberty ship. The rest of the band all signed up together and ended up playing for military functions and dances at Ft. Knox and in Louisville for the duration of the war. The recruiter had been true to his word.