*Alan and the OMAR*
Steamboating colleagues,
Frank, your above account is a dandy. Agreed, that none of us want to be proven wrong but, alas, life is like that. Alan, in my memory, hated hearing the word "No" even if it was for his own good. Yet, I have to give him more applause than warts. Your own dad one of the most level-headed, non-pushy guys I know and I'm sure his simple statement above was all needed. Alan had his 'opinions' of more of us here than people know and in rereading his letters I cringe with how candid he was. Jim Reising, Kenny Howe possibly the two now closest to Alan I can think of back then. Alan was of the old school in composing, writing, putting a letter with a drawing in an envelope with a stamp to mail--any of you remember those days? And each of his letters here beautifully written with thought. If you had a question, Alan could give you darned good answers with supporting material and data. Alan several times wrote about errors in judgment, actions on his part. Then, when the modern marvel of the internet age, E=Mails came along, Alan embraced writing E=Mails--even if he bit his tongue in the process.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.