No man. except for my father, had more influence in my life than Alan Bates. Alan was intertwined in my life since an early age. I first heard of Alan from Bob McCann when I was about 12 years old. Alan had recently drawn blueprints of the GORDON C. GREENE which impressed Bob greatly since the GORDON was "his boat". At that time the GCG was a hightclub/resturant in Owenboro, Ky where Alan surveyed the boat and later interviewed Bob McCann to get the details for his plans. Being young and boat crazy, I literally dreamed of getting a copy of the plans. I first met Alan when visiting the DELTA QUEEN one Sunday morning when the boat stopped in Louisville. Alan, at the time, was the scout master of a Sea Scout troop. Alan was on board with his scouts, several canoes, and piles of camping gear. They were bumming a ride on the Queen down to Blue River Island, just above old lock 44. about 40 miles down river from Louisville. where they unloaded all their gear on the island with plans to spend a couple of nights camping and canoeing on the Blue River. (just think of those lucky scouts...they got to ride free down through the Louisville locks, lock 43, and have a delicious lunch while on board; only Alan could have arraigned such an experience.)
When Bob introduced me to Alan there in front of the purser's office, I asked Alan how I could get a set of the CGC's blueprints. Alan said he had them for sale...I forget how much they were, around $5.00 I I immediately set out to save my grass cutting money. Before I could accumulate such a large sum, I awoke one morning and went door stairs to let the dog out and there stuck between the door and the screen door was a rolled-up complete set of GORDON C. GREENE blueprints. Alan had left them there earlier that morning. From then on, until his death, Alan played a bit part in my life.
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