HI RUSS: News from McAlpine is that six coal loads are sunk and three more are lodges on the dam, one of which is blocking the operation of the dam gate. You have to admit Capt. Bob Reynolds is a man of few words. Judy did really tell the story. To explain it a bit firther the draft at the Ohio River Locks is determined more by the volume and velocity of flow by dam gate openings rather than river stages. At Markland a downbound boat needs to get pretty tight to the KY. shore right after passing Beatty's old ldg. and stay along that shore till just above the bull nose wall between the two locks. Stop and the tow will just set over to the long wall of the 1200 ft. chamber. It is not really that simple but the best I can explain. Look up the dam on the satillite maps and maybe you will get a better idea. It's not just Markland, Meldahl just above me is as bad or worse. None are as bad as Gallipolis Lock was before they built the canal. Lots of "old time" rivermen have white hair due to that place!!!!