Hi Bill and all,

Looks like I have the honor of making the first post in this new year. Thanks to you, and Judy, for the education.

Hope we do not see a repeat of the 1968(?) incident down at Markland where they could not hold water in the pool above the dam. Looks like the river at Cincinnati will rise some to about 45 feet Thursday then really fall fast.

The ferry folks at Rising Sun seem to be getting a better handle on piloting. They shut down Monday night early rather than buck high winds. They shut down at about 45 feet on the Cincinnati gauge for about two days last last week due to high water. I think there are three pilots operating the ferry of which two are better at making a landing on the Indiana side than the third. Old man river is a stern teacher.

Lock reports posted for today do not show activity since midnight last for either Markland or McAlpine. Wonder if this is the results of the Washington flap?

Best regards to all.