*DQ changes/Cost of all*
Steamboating, colleagues,
Yeah, I was probably thinking more in the question above of the financial costs over the years. Interesting RE: all the external, internal structural changes, hotel department alterations. And you all above would know for sure. Somebody said once, "The DELTA QUEEN has been a work in progress since 1947." I can't remember who, but somebody mentioned years back [Could have been the late Larry Walker a DQ fan] about, "How much money do you think they've spent on the DQ in all the years since 1947." Yes, Bob, there were "lean years for the DQ/GREENE LINE." That happened when she was put on the Market by Mrs. Greene due to falling reservations. Other times, during lean years, those in the home GL office told of how they pinched pennies 'thinking' of the cost for an extra standing prime rib beef roast or two. Letha Greene mentioned to me, "I worried all winter leading into Mardi Gras about our reservations. The Mardi Gras trip indicated generally how healthy the year would be." I often wondered how she laid her head down at night for a full sleep without the DQ haunting her? There were also more than a few 'silent partner' investors in the GL than people knew in 1947. Thanks for the above.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.