All interesting stuff Dale, but I think Russ was asking about the physical changes made over the years, not the expenses incurred. Russ, here are a few from my cruising days: in 1973 there were public restrooms on the top deck. In 1974 these had become B staterooms 313 and 314. There were 6 rooms without baths on the Cabin Deck, which were incorporated into adjoining rooms to enlarge them, probably after 1983. Skid Row on the Cabin Deck stern got the interior cabins added so that they had bathrooms, early 70s. After the 1983 season the small rooms on the Cabin Deck stern were converted into 2 large suites, at which time the 2 portholes were replaced by the 4 larger windows in the splashboard to allow the suite inhabitants a stern view. This is when the pop machine was removed from the stern too. Somewhere around 1990 the Officers Quarters on the forward end of the Sun Deck were transformed into several passenger suites, the Captain's and Chief Engineer's cabins, and the outer stairs to the pilothouse were added since the old center interior stairs were closed off. Of course, the new hull, the reconfiguration of the smokestack, the repainting of the fru-fru over the calliope, the removal of the unifon on the calliope, the stripping to the wood on the stateroom doors, changing the calliope console from red to brass, are also physical changes over the years since I started riding in 1973. The calliope was installed in 1960, the steam pipe to it and the fru-fru changed/added for the 1971 season, and on and on. This is all from my memory and of course there were other changes over the years prior to my time. I think many of these have been discussed on here over the years. You might check the archives for this topic.