*Rebirth of the Queen*
MERRY CHRISTMAS! steamboating colleagues,
Greetings, Russ, and thanks for the above RE: restoration, repair, renovation of the DELTA QUEEN. The PBS series 'Ultimate Restorations' a favorite giving insights--at times too many insights--into ultimate restorations on land and water. I'm wondering if this is a 'proposal' from you to have the DQ covered in a series or has she already been selected? The legislation passed, as we know, but to my limited knowledge I've not heard if the DQ renovation/restoration has even begun. I hear some rumors here and there but nothing direct from those directly involved or if it has started. Latest broadcast was that, "Most to all of the work on the DQ will be done in slip in Houma." I see extensive marine survey work, letting of bids, detailed plans, assembly of materials, workers--even in time a much-needed hull inspection hauled out in dry dock. The list goes on and on from what I remember from ocean vessels. The PBS series is intriguing and 'could' in time draw much-needed exposure and publicity for the boat when she begins her new operating life. Publicity, PR a skill and talent the late Betty Blake was famous for in her early campaigns for/with the DQ. And there will never be another Betty Blake. Yet, in PR work, Betty mentioned to me several times, "At times too much news is not good news." I gather from some 'rumors' circulated by those in 2nd and 3rd positions of enthusiastic DQ support that work on the DQ will be far more than just "basic cosmetic work" as broadcast. Thanks for tipping us off and keep us informed.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati, Ohio