Down here in Florida a 57', wooden hulled, boat that ferries people from shore to an anchored casino boat caught fire and burned several months ago. One person died and 15 were hospitalized. Most all the passengers were over 65 yrs old. The NTSB investigated and issued their report. The report were quite critical of the Coast Guard for lax inspection and follow-up. One thing the CG can't stand is criticism. I'm sure that the NTSB report will filter throughout all CG's inspection offices. What does this mean? I imagine it means the CG inspectors will make sure all T's are crossed and all I's are dotted, in other words they won't be giving any breaks.
I don't know what this will mean to the DQ as she undergoes her inspection and rebuild, but the timing of the NTSB report couldn't have been worse because the CG will still be stinging from the report.