Iím not sure anyone is bashing the Coast Guard here. Yes, dealing with the USCG can be a pain sometimes. Part of that is their broad mission of being enforcers as well as inspectors, rescuers, licensers, on and on. The majority of Coasties are diligent, competent people who want to see everything run smoothly and within the law. Many in the CG (who know about her) want the DQ to be back running just as much as the rest of us. And letís face it, if not for the CG, many owners would skirt safety (Iím not talking the DQ here, nor am I pointing fingers at any particular company or their equipment). The USCG is there to ensure everyoneís safety, and rightly so. Yes, there may be some in the CG who donít quite know what they are doing. Yes, there may be some who are over-zealous. We all want to see the DELTA QUEEN return to service and be as safe as she can be. Iím sure the CG has and will take into account the boatís safety record as well as improvements and anything else affecting safety. The CG is the enforcer of the laws; Congress makes the laws.