*Perception of U.S. Coast Guard*
Steamboating colleagues,
Interesting exchange of information, sentiments above and there's nothing wrong with that. Mark, I for one have ALWAYS supported the mission of the U.S. Coast Guard and for good reason. I don't think Jim Reising is slamming the Coast Guard as, if you didn't know, he has worked with them for most of his career on the Ohio River. Jim only related what was, in fact, published. How the scenario plays out in time a good question. I'm certain this site has NOT been the platform for Coast Guard criticism. I do know that certain 2nd and 3rd hand parties overly enthusiastic with the Str. DELTA QUEEN have related stories on what they think the Coast Guard will and won't do with the findings, recommendations with the DELTA QUEEN with many of their statements being not only wrong but totally embarrassing. And again there are those who don't like to hear the word "No" in any form from anybody be it the Coast Guard or not. At this point I suggest people step back, take a deep breath and give now on-going, mounting hysteria over the DELTA QUEEN a rest. The issues about her have turned into a near monomania, fixation. There are those directly involved in the boat who should be the ones stepping forward with information from their end and not relying on other parties to do their work. The DQ, as much as we all love her, is "a private for profit corporate venture outside of the public domain." I for one have had the experience of being aboard a major ocean liner in the middle of the Indian Ocean when a fire broke out. I was in a position then to render in some way help to the crew fighting the fire that began in the ship's electrical system. It was harrowing for a time seeing them ready to swing out the rescue craft. I have always supported the mission of the Coast Guard as they are one of the branches of our military establishment. Mark, you wrote well, gave us food for thought. Jim only related above what appeared. Sure the media is bound to slam many of their sources. If anybody ever comes under criticism it could well be our own congressional representatives. Nothing more or less from me. Again, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.