*RE: "Waterwheels"/Reporters
Steamboating colleagues,
Jim, I again pulled WAY'S PACKET DIRECTORY to review his 'big blow' on the LEE covering several pages. He writes of her construction etc. but goes on to devote much space to the famed LEE/NATCHEZ race with all the personalities, time charts etc. He finished with the LEE being retired, returned to Portland, KY to be dismantled with "cannon firing." I see no note of the LEE's "waterwheels" being adjusted, tinkered with. Fred Way does hint at many more detailed news reports RE: the LEE in her career in Louisville newspapers. *I'd suggest you could dig in the library archives in Louisville if/when you can. Whether the files in the news offices, or public library, have been digitized or on microfilm a good question. What about surviving old news papers on file over in New Albany or even in Jeffersonville? I have another fine book on the LEE/NATCHEZ here I'll try to pull and look RE: her wheels. I do know the term "waterwheels" goes way back to Robert Fulton days. Big steamers with walking beam engines on the Great Lakes, east coast river, lakes and bays still used "wheels" or "sidewheels" as it was assumed then those interested or around knew what was meant. Intriguing questions and I see what I can find. *Interesting side note. Years ago when a kid about 9 or 10 in our old neighborhood, a house was being painted next door. My dad chatted up a very old gentleman about 90 who was owner/supervisor for his painting company managing the younger guys. Something mentioned about the Ohio River and steamboats. This old man smoked his pipe talking to dad, with me listening, that, "My family way back were steamboat painters at the yards down in Fulton on Eastern Ave. I remembered seeing the big boats built, painted and as a kid broke in the painting business. We were independent painters working for the yard. I watched how they painted, decorated those long beautiful cabins on some of the boats."

R. Dale Flick
Old coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.