A Cincinnati icon is being sent "up the river", the Mike Fink restaurant is going to the upper Ohio. Blt. at Dravo's Neville Island yard in 1936 as the John W. Hubbard. She carried the whistle and roof bell off of the packet Queen City. Ohio River Co. bought here in 1947 and changed her name to the Charles Dorrance. Capt. John Beatty acquired the boat about 1965 and it became the Mike Fink restaurant at Cincinnati, moving over to Covington, Ky. and bought in 1977 by Ben Bernstein. Stayed put for 31 years, good food and drink. 2008 I was involved with putting a new hull on her at McGinnis South Point. Has sat idle the last ten years. My good friend C.W. " Bill" Kinzeler and I had bi-weekly lunch on her for at least her last ten years as the place to be on "Ole Man River". Hate to see her go, but it is a whole lot better than the scrap yard.