*MIKE FINK 'sold up the river'*
Morning, steamboating colleagues,
Bill, thanks for update on present status, future plans for the MIKE FINK. I hope her new owners give her a good home, new lease on life. The FINK was popular for sure as you know with great food/beverages/view of the river and Cincinnati. MOR had several big meetings aboard the FINK in the upper level dining/meeting room--and there was a big crowd attending in those years.

I also read/saw where the FINK's present status moored off Riverside Drive, Covington, had the local uppity gentry riled up demanding her removal. A river restaurant business no easy road to navigate as you know with not only food and beverage management with quality control but the issues of being a floating entity subject to weather and river conditions, vessel maintenance. You bet I remember Bill Kinzler and his wife. Always friendly to me. Bill even offered me a job possibility years ago in his business office. I let it pass and never picked up on it. Good thing as I think they shut down within a few years. I know Virginia Bennett worked for Bill and, possibly, Mickey Frye.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati