*Painting name on LEE/Tow to Portland*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues,
Jim, good questions you pose and I know I don't know. You know how a lot of steamboat stories, myths, legends, romance got in circulation over the years. No idea who penned the story of the LEE in the newspaper. Do you see or know who possibly wrote it? For years Will S. Hayes was the leading writer in Louisville in general and in river articles in particular. I do know hard feelings still existed stemming from the "war of the rebellion" for sure. People ask, "What's in a name?" with the answer being, "plenty." Even here in Cincinnati the leading paper CINCINNATI ENQUIRER had legions of good haters as evidence pointed to the ENQUIRER being a tad more slanted to the south in general leading up to the first shot fired in 1861 and even during the war itself.

As an example we know of more than a few 'stories, legends, myths' with the DELTA QUEEN over the years. Some true, others fancy cooked up at the time for PR and promos, cultivate an image. Most people only knew the set orthodox history of the DQ from 1947 on with little of the early years in California. That ended with John Burns, son of old Jim Burns, Stan Garvey attending S&D with Stan writing his definitive book. Times are when history has something else on its mind. CHEERS!

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.