Interestingly, the 3-18-30 time is also cited on a Currier and Ives print (1872). A later C & ! print gives a time of 3-18-14. Evidently someones' mind was changed about the winning time at a later date. It would be nice to note the source of the information that resulted in Currier and Ives making that change.

I have come across two documented eye-witness accounts of the race. Capt. Wes Conner's (pilot on the Lee) account supports the 3-18-30 time. His start/finish times support this. The math works. Capt. Andrew Swain's (a passenger on the Lee) account also mathematically supports the 3-18-30 time (although the published article states a time of 3-18-13). Go figure. The Conners account appeared in the Waterways Journal on 9/10/1906. The Swain account appeared in the Waterways Journal on 7/4/1908. There is a difference of only one minute between the Conner/Swain accounts.