So Cool!!!!! Itís about time!!! Thank you so much Senators and Congressman. Thank you Law Makers. Thank you to Cornel, Leah Ann and the other Owners. Thank you to all of us who have worked so hard, in so many different ways over the last ten years to get Americaís Legindary Delta Queen back on our beautiful rivers cruising where she belongs. Thank you to everyone who has supported the Delta Queen. Now please Mr. President. Please Sign this bill into law. I am sure Millions of people in the United States of America, and the rest of the world will support you for signing it. Thank you. Sincerely Jim and Beth Whetzel, and my huge Delta Queen supporter Parents Irvin and Naomi Whetzel. They started it all for my wife and I years ago, by taking us on our first trip of many on the Delta Queen. There is nothing like it.