*Combine day excursions/cruises?*'
Morning, steamboat colleagues,
Ummmm, interesting concept, proposals RE: an updated combination day excursion/long distance cruise boat. The current law/rule on 49 passengers maximum I don't think would produce the revenue needed even in addition to excursion passengers stomping on and on one or more times a day. Overnight cruise tariffs already very high $$ for most and it won't get any cheaper or return to DQ days of long years past. Excursion boats already do cruises with hotel stops at night. The logistics, costs, crew demands [what would be the Coast Guard and other considerations be?] just not worth it in my humble estimation. Imagine all of us paying those fares only to be in a river port with excursion passengers on and off, slowed trip time to next port or end of the cruise. Sure, the HOMER SMITH experimented with it but, according to GL Purser Bob McCann, Captain/Pilot Jesse P. Hughes, the scheme didn't pay off with the limited cabins torn out and the SMITH going into general excursion work. A 'hybrid' often doesn't work and you can't make a whale fly or swim at the same time. Then the SMITH went up in a POOF! of flame and smoke by the hand of a confirmed firebug. Even with 49 paying cruise passengers etc. what would be done with the required 10% yearly structural replacement? Remember, several companies now actively in the tourist cruise business with itineraries, upscale passenger accommodations, modern vessels no doubt more efficient and economical with amenities demanded today. Yet, I learned never to say never often being surprised. Who knows? No criticism on my part, mind you, just shared ideas. Anybody have their financial advisor on the phone with checkbook ready to whip out, write a nice check just for expenses to cover preliminary plans, proposals, pay for a political lobbyist for our side of the story?

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.