Morning, steamboating colleagues,
Quarterly periodicals, web sites coming in here with month of September, fall looming on the calendar. A recent web from the travel industry published yesterday that the Str. AMERICAN QUEEN made the list as "One of the top 25 cruise vessels." Many to most, naturally, blue water, deep sea vessels. AQ pictured with interior and outside deck photos, details written. ACL [AMERICAN CRUISE LINES] also listed with just one of their intermediate sized vessels employed in coastal and off-shore cruising. This list an honor for the AMERICAN QUEEN. A few European river cruise boats shown also with interior and exterior views. SSHSA's quarterly 'PowerShips' also mentions 'River Cruises Ups & Downs' with plans from Europe falling through for river cruise vessels here: VIKING RIVER and FRENCH RIVER so far have failed to move ahead or appear. ACL again mentioned with their plans to "...operating five boats on Western Rivers service." DELTA QUEEN mentioned as being in limbo, languishing in Houma. Interesting news and that's all I know or read, so don't shoot the messenger.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.