*Wisdom of Capt. Jesse P. Hughes*
steamboating colleagues,
Thanks, Jim, for your memories of Capt. Jesse Hughes as posted above. Those of us who met/knew Jesse met a true 'grand original.' I have several signed copies of his STEAMBOAT SKETCHBOOK printed in the 1950s by Young & Klein, Cincinnati, featuring his fine drawings and paintings. Jesse was quite an artist in his own right. One drawing he did showed the little steamboat CRICKET navigating in absolute slack low water showing a man with a horse and wagon crossing the river in front of the CRICKET with water barely up to the wagon hubs. And how he loved telling about that in his later years. But Jesse was more than just a steamboat pilot and captain being a trusted friend and business executive to Capt. Gordon C. Greene and the old GREENE LINE. My grandmother met/knew Jesse and wife Telia on the boats going way, way back along with the Edgington family. Jesse also managed a number of GREENE LINE wharfboats and facilities up and down the river owned by Capt. Greene. I knew Jesse, like you Jim, back in the 1950s when he was on the DQ and still living in Cincinnati up on Highland Avenue. Later it all came together with his daughter Helen Hughes Prater, son-in-law, Bernie etc. In later years I frequently saw him working on old steamboat photos, papers, ephemera for the Cincinnati Historical Society at their then library on campus of University of Cincinnati. Jesse also attended many river/steamboat meetings along with the Cincinnati chapter of The Steamship Historical Society of America at the main Cincinnati Public Library. One of his sayings was, "Your duty is always to duty." Thanks for the memories.

R. Dale Flick
From the northern shores of mighty Lake Michigan.