Hi, Bob!
Thanks for correcting me with AMERICAN DUCHESS NOT owned by ACL. DUH! on my part. The lack of interest in the big Kentucky Derby week events and then real steamboat races began to slack off well, well before the DELTA QUEEN was laid up. Locals, and the media, here took the "Ho hum" approach after several years. I noted smaller crowds in Louisville for the race. Big focus then was more on the DQ's first arrival here in Cincinnati for the season following the Louisville race. In years before that the DQ came 'home' here first for the famed 'Derby Day Weekend Cruise' so popular. Even Betty Blake knew she'd pushed the envelope a bit too far with it losing interest, need for new approach and freshening up. And again there's always been that 'friendly rivalry' between Cincinnati and Louisville going way, way back in history to even the early plans for the Louisville Portland Canal at the old falls of the Ohio. Sorry to say, but this week it didn't even come to mind for me about the race. Time was years ago we all were excited over it. I wish the AMERICAN DUCHESS well along with her sisters. No doubt some here on this site will be booking trips aboard her.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.