10 or so years ago, after I had made a trip on the Rhine River, I asked "Why not here"? It looks like,as I predicted, it is happening here. The AQSC is building their 4th boat and ACL is building their 5th and 6th river boat. They all seem to be doing very well; they wouldn't be adding capacity if there wasn't demand for it.
What do you think of ACL's new design? I happen to really like it. At least they are not boxes piled on top of each other, with a dinky fake paddlewheel hung on the stern and a couple of completely out of proportion smoke stacks stuck somewhere on the roof. They look like boats people expect to see today. I believe this is the future of overnight river boat design.
As more and more boats start plying out rivers, the cities and towns will realize that their riverfronts are a real asset and will begin improving them.
I wonder why no one has started running the old River Lines route San Francisco-Sacramento?