We spent January running barges out of Aliquippa playing in the ice. The upper Ohio
was a mess! Had been years since I made it up that far and saw a lot of changes. Didn't see any operating steam cranes, been replaced by diesel or E cranes. Will miss hearing the chuffing at Old Lock 7. Guess hundreds of the standard barge fleet has been reduced to scrap as I don't recall meeting the 20 barge tows that was once common. I did see 2 sunken standards below Moundsville, one just below the marina at the creek mouth and the 2nd mid-channel above Pipe Creek pointing it's bow to the sky. Had to flank around that dude. Also missing are the enormous coal fleets that once extended both banks for miles. The Wheeling Suspension Bridge hasn't changed...we had to do some fancy corner flanking to stay on the Wheeling side to clear the low steel. Went through Maysville and saw the final resting place of the Claire Beatty and recalled her adventure in the ice above Markland many moons ago. She survived that disaster only to be abandoned on the shore on a falling river. Will not be long we're heading for St. Paul but did enjoy my trip down memory road on the upper Ohio.