*ACL's image increasing in media*
Steamboating colleagues,
No doubt many of you have seen the increasing squibs for ACL [American Cruise Lines] on national TV networks [PBS, Smithsonian etc.] in addition to full ads in leading magazines and journals, newspaper travel sections. Several homepages on internet like GOOGLE, BING, CINCINNATI BELL/ZOOMTOWN now also carry full ads with 'links' to click for further information. Again, as the recent FORBES piece mentions, "These companies are doing it right" also including AMERICAN QUEEN. I had my eyes opened clicking ACL to see the profile of their company, various marine divisions, cruises, pricing, comfort creatures aboard their vessels. The winter issue of 'PowerShips' [Steamship Historical Society of America] also has squibs on ACL with their present vessels under construction and future vessels planned. And we can't lay all of this just on ACL hiring a congressional lobbyist. Any company their size would be a fool not to hire a lobbyist. I take no stand either way with both companies as a cheering section. Never dismiss your competitor burying heads in the sand making sure you know what they are doing. Again, I only know what I see, read, hear. CHEERS!

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.