Steamboating colleagues,
Don't know how many of you received/saw it two days ago but FORBES [Wall Street, financial etc.] posted on the homepage/news of BING search their list of 'Top river cruise lines.' [Ohio/Mississippi rivers, Columbia River etc.] The first at the top were AMERICAN QUEEN CO. and AMERICAN CRUISE LINES [ACL]. Others listed were on European and foreign rivers. Web links below these moved on to big 'blue water' cruise lines. This time of year cruise lines focus on promotions for those commanding disposable incomes for late fall, winter, spring trips. FORBES commentary had one statement, "These lines are doing it right" meaning AQ and ACL. NO mention of any proposed river cruise boats from VIKING RIVER CRUISES as was broadcast a year or so ago. ACL also moving into cruises on the GREAT LAKES, East and Gulf Coast on the waterway. I only know what I read and hear.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.