Greetings, all - I trust you will humor me in addressing a diesel towboat question. I ran across this in my capacity as amateur historian at Cummins and surmised at once that .org was my best hope for finding the answer.

From 1929 to 1967, Cummins built a series of large medium speed engines. These were in-line sixes of 300 hp or so, weighing in at about 10,000 pounds apiece. In all that time, only three were ever supercharged, and all three went into one inland rivers towboat. I'm hoping to learn the identity of that boat and as much of its story as can be found.

Our records indicate only that Aiple Marine was the customer, that the engines were built in 1940 or '41, and that the boat came to an untimely demise (fire, sinking, or both?) in 1945.

Thanks and regards to the crew!