Dale, you make some very good points in your posting to my question. The reason I think it will take a while for the boat to get running again is all the red tape they will have to go through. For example, one thing we know for sure is the boilers have to be replaced. Those original boilers were designed into the boat, the foundation plates are an intregal part of the hull. Once they decide on and buy new boilers, they will have to get a naval architect to draw up plans for the foundations for the new boilers. Those plans, I'm sure, will have to be submitted to and approved by the Coast Guards technical branch in Washington before the first welding arc is struck. As we all know Washington is not known for its quick decisions. That's just the first step, after that are piping plans, fire suppression plans, and since they are changing an intregal part of the boat maybe even stability calculations will have to be redone. The list goes on and on.