In my original question....which was not answered,,,,I never mentioned the DQSC's management. They are doing a good job and they know much more than I do the obsticals they are facing. I was addressing a "DQer" who said to me that if the bill passed soon, the boat would be running next summer.
The only reason I mentioned the boiler foundation was I remember being in Alan Bates office as he was designing the NATCHEZ and the Coast Guard was giving him fits on foundation and supports for the boilers. Which seemed to be a matter the Cost Guard took a real interest in. He was wanting to put the boilers down in the hull to keep the main deck from having to be so tall, but to get approval it would require a redesign of most of the hull frame work and would have been very expensive.
My opinion and my opinion only, I still say it would be cheaper and easier, to salvage pieces they want to reuse, and strip the boat down to the steel frame and rebuild it with fire retardant materials just like the Greene Line wanted to do originally, but that would have meant having no business for a year or two and they just couldn't survive that.