I may be speaking out of turn here. While you and Dale do pose some valid questions, Jim, I also know the management team of the new company have taken all these things into account. You are correct that things move slowly in Washington, but I surmise the management has already consulted with the USCG on the main things that would be required. Some of it will be relatively easy, some not so much so. As far as the original boiler foundation plates being an integral part of the (old) hull, the boat now has a new hull, so that should not be the issue it might have been had the hull not been double-skinned several years ago.

I will admit I have had my own doubts as to the real chances of the DQ running again. I still have questions, like y'all do. But I also have some faith that the owners know what they are up against. Yet, they persevere and remain optimistic. I don't know all the details, and suspect you don't, either. I prefer to remain optimistic -- let's see if we can get the exemption passed, and hope and work for the best. I think it can happen. Will it be easy? No. Will there be other problems pop up along the way? Most assuredly. In the meantime, I'm going to support the effort, and will support the enterprise in any of the ways I can. I don't have much money, but do have some expertise, which I will offer to the new owners, for whatever it may be worth.

Yes, every project needs those who point out flaws, ask questions. I believe the owners are aware of what they are up against. Let's sit back and see what happens. If I am asked for a contribution of opinion, I will gladly give it, and do so in the most honest, thoughtful and positive vein I can.