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Thread: ACL Lobby Update

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    The DQ is still sitting in her private shipyard slip in Houma, LA. If yore looking for official information on the DQ, I would suggest the Delta Queen's official website or Facebook page as any activity with the boat would be posted by the owners there. While a great forum and resource for discussion, this is a fan driven website and would not be where official information endorsed by the Delta Queen Steamboat Co would be found. Most of the posters here are pretty far removed from the DQ and her current status.

    DQ website: Delta Queen Steamboat Company | Overnight Steamboat | Kimmswick


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    *RE: 'Official' DQ website/Information*
    Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
    Many thanks to Phillip Johnson's communication on present status of the DQ in Houma, LA. Much needed to clarify some statements, rumors circulating around. Even last night at a dinner here I heard, "We hear the DQ has been towed up to Kimmswick, ready to undergo work to enter service soon." I drew a blank on that saying I'd possibly check. Important, as Phillip says, that the "official information" be from the owners, company at present. Too many rumors, statements circulating around from 2nd and 3rd party 'endorsers' for the initiative with some of these statements, rumors being pretty far fetched. This issue is an emotional one for many with that understood but also clarification that many are "pretty far removed from the DQ and her current status." Thank you, Phillip. I, for one, will go with the official word from those involved--no more and no less. Best wishes to you and your colleagues.

    R. Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.

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