On another site there was reference to the last KATE ADAMS. John Fryant brought up the question, since the boat was partially owned by Capt. James Reese, did Reese build the hull then moved the hull to Howards for completion? I always wondered the same thing. So, I dug through the archives of the Louisville Courier Journal and found the answer....NO! The steel hull was built and launched (a rare side ways launch) by Howards with 5/16" side plates and 3/8" knuckles, 240' long x 40'wide, just slightly smaller than the DELTA QUEEN. Fully fueled with steam up she drew 31" forward and 35" aft.
Capt. Reese came to Jeffersonville and superintended the construction of the cabin and finish work. The cabin works were designed by a local architectural firm.
One interesting item on the KATE was she had "apartments" for the deck crew in the aft part of the hull with "wire beds, tables, chairs, electric lights and other comforts".
Now my question is..why didn't Reese build the hull? Was their yard in downtown Pittsburgh too small for a hull that size?