I was looking at a picture of meal time in the GORDON's main cabin which got me to thinking.....What would it be like to be in one of the rooms off the main cabin? I would imagine breakfast was served from about 7 til 9:30. This meant the wait staff would start setting up around 6:30 with the accompanying clatter of dishes, shuffle of chairs, etc. The only thing separating a sleeping passenger from all this clatter was a 1" poplar board.
If you awoke after breakfast began, you probably couldn't come out of your room directly into the main cabin, you'd have to go out on the guard and walk around.......not very convenient for a man with a 72 yr. old prostate who's first thought upon awakening is relief.
This same commotion would go on again at lunch and dinner.
I use the GORDON as an example only because I have a picture of it, but this went on on most boats.
No wonder Tom Greene wanted the dinning room on the DQ relocated downstairs on the main deck
Sorry for some reason it wont let me upload the picture.