*DQ payday/Crew music etc.*
Steamboating colleagues,
Jim, you bet I remember "Friday afternoon crap games." The old GREENE LINE always paid in cash with crew money in white envelopes. Paul sat in a high back chair down on the bow handing out crew pay envelopes looking like a grand signeur. I also remember the crew on the lower bow deck at night playing their little instruments, singing, dancing with passengers leaning over the rails above listening. In time the old crew gang retired, moved on, took other jobs with that disappearing. I also heard that new managment with later owning companies discouraged it. In the summer the boat was hot down in those quarters with the crew seeking some relief catching the evening breeze. I wonder now how many new/potential crew would sign on living and working in those same conditions if/when the DQ is re-entered in service? They better think about that.

Paul Underwood's old tradition handing out pay on the deck the way he did was near antebellum to witness. Purser Bob McCann also did the same thing. When Betty Blake joined the company witnessing her first 'pay day' old GREENE LINE style she was appalled. "I didn't like it and put a stop to it instantly," she said to me with flashing eyes, chewing her cigarette. Again, what do I know and witness then?

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.