Thanks for the post, the feedback is helpful. As one of the owners of the Delta Queen, I can attest we have all been working diligently on lobbying for the Delta Queen on the hill. Considering there is only a few of us who own and "directly control" the boat, we have had to focus our lobbying efforts on a strategic number of members of Congress. Hence the push to have all of the Delta Queen's dedicated supporters also continue to contact members of Congress to broaden our reach.

We have owned the Delta Queen now for a little over two years, and have made significant headway towards the exemption and a detailed restoration plan, with some limited work already underway. None of us are independently wealthy individuals, nor are any of us "out to get rich" off the boat, if we were we'd have picked an easier project. This has been a labor of love, with countless thousands of our own dollars poured into the purchase, towing, security, maintenance, consultants, insurance, etc. It leaves very little for high powered professional lobbying.

In order to help us reach our collective goal, I would encourage any of you to direct your Representatives directly to us to answer any questions. We'd be elated to have the opportunity to further the Delta Queen's message and story to any listening congressional staffer. As you pointed out, due to our Zip Code or Area Code, often we have trouble getting them to take our calls. If you all can be the intermediary to open the door and allow that conversation to happen, we're one step closer.

JoAnn Schoen is an excellent example of this, as she has gone above and beyond "shaking the trees" for the Delta Queen, and on several occasions has enabled us to be able to have that one on one conversation with reps who otherwise would not return our calls. The vastly larger number of Co-sponsors on HR 619 than any other previous attempt is directly a result of such efforts.

So in closing, I ask that we all continue the fight, keep making contact with your representatives, and if they need any additional information please direct them to us. I'll gladly take the time to inform anyone who wants the information (phillip@dqsteamboat.com).

I knows its been a long road, but I still feel very confident the Delta Queen has a bright future.


Phillip Johnson

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*I'm helping but 'questions' being asked*

I do think it important that I mention having received several return communications from our congressional reps by phone and E=Mail with probing questions of their own. Let's not take it for granted these people are not going to question certain aspects of the initiative asking for, "added information, insights from you strictly 'off the record.'" And again several reps aren't clear thinking the DELTA QUEEN is similar to other 'museum vessels' in the public domain. This I responded with information. One has directly asked me "Who are the people directly in control of owning the boat at present and why haven't we heard from them? We seem to hear from 2nd and 3rd interested parties...a lobbyist for other interests is not illegal." I leave the rest up to you all. In addition, as mentioned earlier, if you live just one inch outside of a representatives district your letter and E=Mail is promptly ignored or returned. With another representative, I had my E=Mail to him returned with me finally printing it off here, sending by regular U.S. Mail in an envelope signed, sealed, stamped. We shall see. I'll give it one more old college try and that's it. No negativity or criticism here just being observations.