This was posted on facebook last week. Several people "liked" it, but no one confirmed that they had made any phone calls. Hopefully the "real" steamboaters are still monitoring this site. So PLEASE help in our effort:

You can Help SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN! We're at 33 co-sponsors, but we need more bi-partisan support for H. R. 619 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Researching H.R. 1961 which passed the House in September, 2013, reveals there were 58 Democrats that are still in office that voted YES for the exemption. Who better to help us this time than someone who already voted YES. Sixteen of those Representatives are from river states. So if you live or have family and friends who live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Alabama, or Kentucky, below are the names and phone numbers of the Representatives that voted YES in 2013. We need their help now. We need your help now. They need to be contacted and strongly encouraged to co-sponsor H. R. 619. So PLEASE call, fax or email and ask your family and friends to call, fax or email too. And remember to SHARE, so that word gets out quickly. Thank you very much. OHIO: Joyce Beatty 202-225-4324, Marcy Kaptur 202-225-4146, Tim Ryan 202-225-5261, PENNSYLVANIA: Robert Brady 202-225-4731, Matthew Cartwright 202-225-5546, MISSOURI: Emanuel Cleaver 202-225-4535, ILLINOIS: Cheri Bustos 202-225-5905, Danny Davis 202-225-5006, Robin Kelly 202-225-0773, IOWA: David Loebsack 202-225-6576, MINNESOTA: Betty McCollum 202-225-6631, Rick Nolan 202-225-6211, Tim Walz 202-225-2472, Collin Peterson 202-225-2165, ALABAMA: Terri Sewell 202-225-2665, KENTUCKY: John Yarmuth 202-225-5401