*Pres. Truman's campaign train/Miles & speeches*
Steamboating colleagues,
Well, I got my teeth into President Harry Truman's Cincinnati whistlestop campaign tour here near old Coal haven Landing and couldn't let it go. I was a small kid in 1948 well remembering his stop, the train, crowds of people but now in 2017 not one word he said. Historical records vary but Truman traveled between 28,000 and 36,000 rail miles depending on your source. He gave some 336 speeches. No route map provided. The train composed off 17 cars from diner, lounges, sleeping cars. Alternatively pulled by steam or diesel locomotives depending on the rail route and right of way.

The Presidential train car then named FERDINAND MAGELLAN built by the Pullman Co. Franklin Roosevelt used it also. It was reinforced with protective steel and thick protective window glass. Roosevelt's body was transported from Warm Springs, Georgia in the car after his death; then on for burial at Hyde Park, N.Y. on the Hudson River.

Jim, I don't know about Truman's "mother-in-law" but know his own aged mother was still living in 1944. Sara Delano-Roosevelt, Franklin's mother, also lived a long life with Franklin not surviving her by very many years. In fact it was Sara Delano-Roosevelt who blew the whistle to son Franklin in the Navy Department when she returned aboard the liner LUSITANIA seeing "gun mounts hidden, deck rings and 'swivels' for the mounted guns." This leading to the LUSITANIA being torpedoed by the German Navy, May, 1915. Well, what do I know? Not everything is pure steamboats.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.