The Representatives from the State of Mississippi can certainly HELP SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN by supporting H.R. 619. There are four Districts in Mississippi and the DELTA QUEEN cruises by and/or stops in all four!!! Trent Kelly represents where the river flows at the very Northwest corner of the state. His number is 202-225-4306. Bennie Thompson represents Tunica, Greenville and Vicksburg. His number is 202-225-5876. Gregg Harper represents Natchez and south. His number is 202-225-5031. Though Steven Palazzo represents Gulfport, Pascagoula, Biloxi, she has cruised through those water in the inland passage. His number is 202-225-5772. If you live in Mississippi or have family or friends that live there please ask them to contact these Representatives and ask them to not only support H.R. 619, but they should be interested enough to Co-Sponsor the Bill. Thank you very much. PLEASE SHARE!