SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN. Minnesota and Wisconsin, she needs your help! Minnesota has four Representatives that should be pushing for H.R. 619, the exemption for the DELTA QUEEN. Tim Walz's District is from the Iowa line moving upriver two counties. His number is 202-225-2472. Jason Lewis is on the Transportation Committee. His District includes Red Wing. Many cruises in and out of St. Paul/Minneapolis stops in Red Wing (a very lovely town). His number is 202-225-2271. Betty McCollum represents St. Paul and Keith Ellison represents Minneapolis. Ms. McCollum's number is 202-225-6631. Mr. Ellison's number is 202-225-4755. Of course, folks use the hotels and airport when arriving and leaving cruises. Wisconsin has one Representative along the Mississippi River where the DELTA QUEEN travels. Of particular note is La Crosse, where she has made numerous stops over the years. I love the park at their riverfront. Ron Kind is that Representative. His number is 202-225-5506. Of course, the House Majority Leader is from Wisconsin. He should be encouraged to help H.R. 619 along as much as he can. His number is 202-225-3031. PLEASE CALL, EMAIL AND SHARE. Thank you so much.