Tennessee has 6 Districts that have river frontage where the DELTA QUEEN travels and stops. Let's ask these Representatives to support H.R. 619 to HELP SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN. One is co-sponsor Steve Cohen of Memphis. Please call him 202-225-3265 to thank him. David Kustoff has the rest of the Mississippi River. His number is 202-225-4714. Marsha Blackburn represents Clarksville and surrounding area. Her number is 202-225-2811, Jim Cooper has Nashville, where the boat has turnover day when she goes up the Cumberland River. Folks fly in and out of their airport and spend the night before and after. His number is 202-225-4311. Scott DesJarlais represents the South Pittsburgh area. Many times when the boat can not get to Chattanooga she would land at South Pittsburgh. His number is 202-225-6831. Chuck Fleischman represents Chattanooga. Of course this was her lovely home from 2009 until 2015. We had many happy reunions on the North Shore. The folks in the shops were always so kind when we visited. Her turnover day up the Tennessee ends there. Therefore turnover day with airport and hotel use. His number is 202-225-3271. PLEASE contact these folks by phone or email. Ask them to support H.R. 619, but also ask them to co-sponsor the bill. Please ask your family and friends who live in these Districts to do the same. PLEASE SHARE. Thank you.