The campaign to HELP SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN continues. Missouri has five districts that border the Mississippi River. But most important is Sam Graves, who is on the Transportation Committee. And his District borders the Mississippi above St. Louis. So if you are in his District or know someone that is, please call his office at 202-225-7041 and ask him to not only support the bill, but to also become a co-sponsor and do all he can to get it out of Committee as soon as possible and on the floor for a vote. There are three co-sponsors from Missouri already. Please call and thank them for their support. They are Jason Smith. His number is 202-225-4404. Wm. Clay is also a co-sponsor. His number is 202-225-2406. And Blaine Leutkemeyer is a co-sponsor. His number is 202-225-2956. There is one other Representative that has a District that borders the Mississippi. Her name is Ann Wagner. She represents the area of South St. Louis. Her number is 202-225-1621. THANK each of you for your help. Please contact these folks and ask your family and friends to contact them as well. Also they have links from their webpages to send an email. PLEASE SHARE.