I got home late last night, after getting in one more ride on the NATCHEZ Friday morning. The weather was beautiful and hard to leave...while its sunny here, its also 40 degrees cooler. I didn't post about Thursday: I went out in the deluge to see the former Casino RI now being turned into the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS dinner/charter boat for N.O. Steamboat Co. I got the grand tour by Matt Dow, and I in turn showed him a few things from her gambling days, including my two favorite slot machine spots. The best was on the top deck where I could look out the window over at the PRESIDENT docked straight ahead in Davenport...As the casino people wormed their way into the river industry, changes were made to make the boats completely casinos and so there were alterations from the original boat/fun gaming concept. These didn't all get included in what plans NOSC got and I was glad I could explain some things. One of the most impressive things about her, besides her sheer, is that she has real windows all over the boat, something I think no other gambling boat had. The Diamond/Emerald Ladies did, but their main deck windows were small and up at ceiling level only to let light in, not afford a view outside the gambling area. Anyway, the CNO is a work in progress and she won't be out until sometime in '18. Thursday evening Matt and I dined at Jack Dempseys', a long time seafood restaurant down in the 9th ward and finished with a drink at the hotel bar. So it was a fast paced 5 days in NOLA, and now I'm hurrying to prepare for the arrival of our new furry friend Cally, a 4 year old calico from Clinton who will hopefully blend in with these 3 boys who currently own the place. I'm looking to August for my next NOLA sojourn. Hotel rooms are cheaper because nobody in their right mind goes to NOLA in August!