Dale and everyone, call off the search. I've found her.

Just yesterday I learned that the port and boat in question are from Reed's Lake in East Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here's what I now know know about that photo:

#38: The Ramona Park area on Reed's Lake (all of 1-mile long) in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, sometime between 1895 and 1897. The two buildings with towers are the Railway Company Pavilion (where the Ramona Theater was built after the pavilion burned in 1897) (left) and the Lakeside Boat Club (remodeled and opened in 1895). The "Major A. B. Watson" (1891-1921) sightseeing boat is moored at the long pier. It's a 135-feet long and steam powered, propelled by screw(s) that could hold 475 passengers. The Major Watson lost its top pilot house in 1899. Piers in foreground are for Consumer Ice Company ice collection. The large white building to the left has painted on its gable, "1876, JIMMY FAIRS, SALOON RESTAURANT." It later became "Chinnicks." The small dock-side building has painted on its roof, "CROZIER BROS' NEEDLE TOE, THE LATEST STYLE…" The white house in between is the home of John H. Poisson, who had the Reed's Lake steamer concession. The Lake View House peaks over the top of Jimmy Fair's. Some place identifications and dates above are from Gail Marie Snow, author of "Remarkable Ramona Park." (March 13, 2017)

Who was to think that a 135-long steamer would be plying the waters of a lake only one-mile long!