*Reps block out if districts*
Steamboating colleagues:
Just to check, I did a 'test' here today with not only Jo Ann's rep above but others. As you know reps will not accept any E=Mail outside of their districts checking all by zip code with a "refused" or "denied" popping up--and that's to be expected. Polite phone calls and letters do receive some attention with lip service but negated when they see where you live. Never mind that ALL congressional reps represent ALL the people in the United States along with their own districts. A couple here did phone me asking questions on the initiative. Two questons asked, "What do you know about this issue? Who are these individuals continuing to send the same communications and calls and what's in this for them?" One rep fell silent thinking the DQ currently is a kind of "museum vessel" in the public ownership. They may be thinking of the W.P. SNYDER in Marietta, Ohio. Just wanted to share this with you. We need now to hear directly from the current DQ ownership and managment outside of third and fourth party sources as this is a private for profit enterprise outside of the public domain. I've been up and down this road with the DQ since the first initiative Betty Blake mounted. Betty had firm control on her campaign, media information, PR via press kits.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.