Recently there was a video of the President of the American Queen explaining their purchase and plans for the new American Duchess. It will be an all suites, very high end, boat.
That got me to thinking, the American Queen people have done the market research for us as have ACL and that research shows the money is in "boutique" cruising.
Over a year ago I opined on on here would be cheaper to salvage what you want to reuse from the DQ and then tear her down to her steel frame and rebuild. From recent pictures of the boat I am even more convinced that this is true.
Right now she is nothing but a big expensive white elephant that is rapidly rotting away. But she has a good foundation (hull) and good bones (steel frame) which would be a shame to see go to waste. To me it would be foolish to let the boat sit as we try another exemption which like the last two didn't work. I really believe it would be easier to get money out of the government (maritime for American shipyards, jobs for American merchant marine) than it would be to get Congress to act.
Learn from the competition and rebuild her as the most exclusive river cruise boat ever. She could draw from history, yet be as modern as tomorrow.
Take a lesson from our President elect, he didn't get to be a billionaire building tenament housing.
What do you think?