There was a tug boat created at San Francisco named "Columbia" in 1868 she was made from the bow portion of the a sailing brig built in Mainer in 1849. she and a square stern as wide as her midship section. She was so slow it took 41 days to make the normal 3 day run from San Francisco to Seattle. one story reported from her was that her tremendous derriere caused the steamer to drag a great wake behind her. There is a story of a crew member falling overboard at her stern and went missing for three days but was found still being dragged along behind the tug at the end of her voyage. He was quit hungry but otherwise none the worse for the experience. from Ships of the Inland Sea. {Puget Sound} by Gordon Newell.

There is an another source back in the 1860's and 70's and maybe longer the Annual list of Masters Mates, Pilots and Engineers has a list of the boats inspected for each testing site. My few copies did not show a Columbia at San Francisco.
Utah Riverrat.