*RE: 'Found it!/ACL ads on national TV*
Greetings, Steamboating colleagues:
Judy, I also had a fit getting the link to open earlier but in time, fiddling, open it did. Article appearing on 'Cruise Critic' interesting. MY! I didn't know Mark Twain was back writing editorials again! Interesting words. The September S&D annual meeting had among the attendees a veteran now working with ACL in the audience listening to various S&D reports and messages about the current DELTA QUEEN initiative. Nice reports from Mike Washenko and words and letter read by Jo Ann Schoen. to answer question of a .org 'lurker,' I purposely employ the saluation as full "Steamboating colleages" and not "Steamboatin'" as that under (C) Copyright.

I try to avoid watching too much day TV unless weather bad. Just stumbled, limped back from my haircut in town. While in the chair, my eyes bugged seeing on FOX--among others--one slick, expensive TV promo ad by ACL line with color work, narrator, image of modern-day Mark Twain, cabins, romantic red wheel rollin' sparklin' in the sun. Not a cheap ad for sure similar to cruise lines like CARNIVAL, ROYAL CARRIBEAN, VIKING RIVER/OCEAN CRUISES as it's that time of the season to advertise winter cruises, other cruises leading into year 2017. Who would have thought? Well, I only know what I read, see, hear.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.